The seven key stats shipping companies need to know before 2020

The shipping industry is going through a period of radical transformation. But what are the key trends, statistics and technologies that will come to define the sector?

Daniel Jacobsen

30 Apr 2019

An informative graphic designed to showcase upcoming changes within the shipping industry, and to highlight what companies need to be mindful of in the coming 12 months.

The shipping sector is currently experiencing one of its most dramatic periods of change. Just as coal-fired engines usurped sails and oars, smart technology is now capable of taking on tasks that were previously undertaken by humans, helping humans make smarter decisions, and ensuring that tough problems can be done quickly.

Time marches ever onwards, and processes and working approaches must constantly be revised and refined to be relevant. Smart technology is the answer to nearly all of the sector’s current challenges.

Progress and evolution is the central thread that runs through the whole of maritime history; change is inevitable, and resistance is futile. To survive such episodes of transition, shipping companies must be aware of the challenges on the horizon, how they can be overcome, and how they can best prepare to adapt in the future.

With that in mind, it makes sense for those involved in the shipping sector to be aware of what the future has in store, and what they must focus on to future-proof their operations.

So what are the stats that you and your business really need to be aware of in the coming 12 months?


The shipping industry is changing. And, what’s more, nearly everyone agrees that it’s changing for the better. However, effectively adopting new behaviors and adapting to an altered landscape takes time, patience and careful planning.

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