GreenSteam selected for i4’s fleet platform

Partnership sees addition of GreenSteam’s machine learning solutions to i4 Insight’s platform that integrates data and applications to deliver actionable fleet insights.

Gareth Evans

4 Nov 2020

i4 Insight, a member of Lloyd’s Register Group, has created a platform that provides a single point of access for multiple data streams and applications, delivering a holistic view of ships, fleets and their operations.

By partnering with GreenSteam and other leading maritime industry suppliers, i4’s platform will integrate a unique set of products & services that help companies achieve increased operational efficiency. 

They chose GreenSteam after a rigorous global review, concluding that its product range and vessel-based machine learning for hull and improved vessel performance made it a leader in its field. The addition of GreenSteam’s advanced machine learning technology means that platform users will now have a more accurate picture of the major contributory factors that result in excessive fuel consumption as well as access to actionable recommendations on how to optimise fleet performance to cut operating costs and drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Given the sheer volume of performance data that is available, machine learning is essential to help make sense of the complex factors that impact vessel performance and to ensure operational efficiency. GreenSteam was one of the first companies to apply machine learning to vessel performance data and its systems can analyse data from thousands of vessels, continually learning, adapting and updating what it knows about each vessel.

Shaun Gray, Executive Chairman of GreenSteam, said:
“An in-depth, data-driven approach to understanding and acting on fuel consumption has never been more necessary for the industry. Unlike traditional analytic approaches that fail to use and model 90% of performance data, by using machine learning, GreenSteam includes all ship performance data in its models to deliver insights other standard methodologies just cannot achieve.”


Joel Meltzner, Chief Executive Officer of i4 Insight, said:
“Partnership is an integral component of our success which is why we created the ‘i4 Alliance’ comprised of leading maritime industry partners across the globe. We chose to work with GreenSteam after a rigorous global review of services and we look forward to providing this integrated offering and contributing to the shift towards a sustainable shipping industry.”   

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